Barn Timbers

You won’t see wood like this any more.

Dylan and I sorted these barn timbers today, raising them off the ground, and covering them with tarp.

Over 100 years old. The supports for the old barn. Large wooden pegs in some of them. Various hefty sizes: 6″ x 8″, 8″ x 8″, 10″ x 10″, a couple almost 12″ x 12″ and 30′ feet long. Will use them (I hope) to build the frame of a very solid livestock shed and more (maybe a little cabin or shrine) in the woods next year. Too good not to use.

No more…

Facebook, Google, Twitter, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. Enough.

The overt bias has been bad enough and quite obvious for some years. But the overt censorship of alternate facts and opinions is too much and I won’t willingly participate in it any more. There are other ways to communicate. I’ll keep the stupid Facebook account and post links to this web site blog because there a few people who may care about what’s happening in my corner of the world, but I’m done with these biased fascistic behemoths.

Inspiration from an Ancestor

The rock winner (so far).

6 days of solid rain finally ended on Sunday. Three days of welcome sun, some wind, and 70-80 degree warmth have dried the dirt over the 80 x 180 feet area (14,400 square feet, 1/3 acre) enough that I can get back to picking out rocks and prepping it for fall planting of grass and a small patch of garlic. This rock I’d the biggest I’ve uncovered so far. Other rocks range from about 1-4 inches in diameter, many large enough to sheer bolts on the rototiller. I sheer a bolt every 25-30 ft, but I keep trying to till at 4-5″ deep because it’s less laborious to replace bolts than dig 1/3 acre up one shovel or hand mattock at a time.

I don’t have it so bad. Cyrus Kirby, my 4th Great Grandfather and early settler of Menard County, lIlinois. In 1822, he came to Illinois from Kentucky with no horses or plow and tilled 2 acres of dirt near Clary’s Grove with a hand mattock like this. His story:

His gravestone in an old abandoned cemetery near Petersburg.

Cyrus Kirby (Born 1787 in South Carolina, Died 1858 in Menard County, Illinois)

Here’s to you, Cyrus. Back to work.

Slow work.

Learn WordPress, Leave Facebook

I need to learn how to use this WordPress web site and basically leave the dreaded Facebook which makes millions of dollars by gathering all sorts of information of individuals activities and targeting them with advertising. Facebook, Google and other social media schemes are a loathsome business model. These companies provide the platform for people to willingly become a product. To make matters worse, Facebook and Twitter and Goggle insidiously guide users to information and posts which fits their left-leaning, globalist, “open-minded” and “diverse” political agenda and outright censor those with opinions (even fact-informed opinions) that do not match their own. I will only use Facebook to post links to this web site from now on.

If this means I have a much smaller audience, so be it.

Small Calm Farm

Small Calm Farm

Welcome. I am retreating to the peace and solitude of the country — 12.77 acres between Beloit and Janesville, Wisconsin. This is a HUGE change. SO much to LEARN. So much to DO. I’ll document and share the many changes here. It should be quite the late life adventure. I don’t have the financial resources to have a hobby farm. I am researching and identifying organic crops and livestock that can provide simple purpose, companionship, and income.