Chicken Coop Construction

I finally decided on a place to build the chicken coop. This space already has some scrubby trees, much enjoyed by sparrows and other birds with very old metal fencing around which, into and through the trees have grown over years. This must have been the pen for some sort of small animal(s) many yearsContinue reading “Chicken Coop Construction”

Ginseng Planted on Steep Slope

Ginseng planting is done. In beautiful, unseasonably warm November weather! I sowed a pound of seed in various spots on north and east facing slopes with seemingly sufficient shade around the woods, including this steep slope, and marked the rows with flags and high visibility tape — so I can find them later! It willContinue reading “Ginseng Planted on Steep Slope”

Incompetent Bird Killers

Pleased to report that these inherited cats are incompetent bird hunters, so far. They stalk, yes, but have not yet caught any of the many birds. Birds are very wary and smarter than their teeny brains would indicate. As long as the cats continue to fail as predators, they can stay. They’re going to haveContinue reading “Incompetent Bird Killers”