Domesticated Predators, Part 2: In Affectionate Memory of Scootch

So… Mama Cat and her 4 little kittens had successfully moved into the garage and I had not yet moved permanently to the Small Calm Farm. I had purchased a good self-feeder and water dispenser that held enough food and water for several days for Mama Cat and her nursing babies and I visited atContinue reading “Domesticated Predators, Part 2: In Affectionate Memory of Scootch”

Cats Are Domesticated Predators: An Unacceptable Oxymoron

When I took the huge financial, social and psychological plunge to abandon an increasingly random, aggressive and violent city and move to a less stressful, more peaceful existence in the country, I didn’t intend to have cats. I have also enjoyed the presence of wild birds a lot, providing feeders and natural habitat for themContinue reading “Cats Are Domesticated Predators: An Unacceptable Oxymoron”

Chickens and Winter

Winter came. And stayed. After nearly 2 weeks of mostly sunny and fairly warm temperatures following Thanksgiving, the first snow came and the temperatures dropped below freezing and have stayed there for several days, day and night. The chickens were very hesitant to step out of the coop onto the snow. Inside the coop, theirContinue reading “Chickens and Winter”

It’s Chicken Day

Beautiful sunny December 1st. Since I finished the chicken coop and outside fencing (a.k.a. “run”), I decided to obtain some adult Rhode Island Reds and/or Barred Plymouth Rocks. Both are cold hardy heritage that have been around for 2 centuries. This area already had old, tough metal fencing panels, grape vines and scrubby trees. TheContinue reading “It’s Chicken Day”

Sparrows Like Twisted Metal

Not the music, I assume, but who knows. I haven’t listened to metal in decades. It’s not on the play list out here. This pile of twisted metal fencing is greatly favored by 15-20 sparrows. They congregate there regularly. I imagine you can barely see them in this photo which, I suppose, is the attractionContinue reading “Sparrows Like Twisted Metal”

When In Doubt, Set It On Fire

One of the leftovers from the barn demolition is this big pile of uprooted trees, twisted metal fence, dirt, and ancient manure. I have to cut up the twisted metal into manageable pieces before I can properly dispose of it. One of the uprooted trees had grown around, into and through the solid metal fence.Continue reading “When In Doubt, Set It On Fire”