When In Doubt, Set It On Fire

One of the leftovers from the barn demolition is this big pile of uprooted trees, twisted metal fence, dirt, and ancient manure.

The Pile

I have to cut up the twisted metal into manageable pieces before I can properly dispose of it. One of the uprooted trees had grown around, into and through the solid metal fence. I can’t suss how to separate the tough metal panels from the rock-hard wood and don’t have the right tool to cut the metal.

I have a reciprocating saw (a.k.a. Sawzall) and metal blades. Nope. Didn’t work at all. So I spent a good portion of this morning’s coffee / wake up time browsing the dreaded internet for tools to cut metal. An angle grinder seems to be the consensus choice, but I read or watched so many sources filled with warnings of the danger of such tools and what I watched or read involved cutting clean or straight metal. Nothing I found demonstrated or guided me through the cutting of twisted, thick, tough, rusty metal around which trees had grown. And I didn’t feel like using good late November daylight going to town to shop for tools which may or may not work and with which a novice like me might cut off some fingers or put out an eye or two. Not in the mood for that today.

Twisted mess of wood and metal.

So, what to do? Well… Do what I am capable of doing. Do something I know how to do. Do something I’m good at. Set in on fire!

Step one: Burn it up

I’ll cut up the metal another day.

When in doubt, set it on fire. This may be my new motto.

Published by joesmithreally

Slipped away from increasingly stressful, disordered, random, and violent urban life after 3 decades to live in peace and attempt to start and steward a small farm.

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